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Here at Caesar-Shisha we appreciate the service and quality. We can guarantee that customers always come happy out of the store.

Caesar-Shisha is Denmark's current, leading importer in water pipe tobacco. We are the ones who import social smoke, sTarbuzz, AlFakher, Malaki, Gold Al Ajamy and Starbuzz Tobacco, to Denmark.

Social Smoke has been a huge success for us and has now spread throughout Denmark. Therefore, with pride, we can tell you that we will always come to bring it and spread social smoke as well as we can now.

At Caesar-Shisha you will also find Denmark's largest selection of Starbuzz products which have also been a huge success both for the private but also business customers. Starbuzz is also something that has had a huge success in the waterpipe industry and will always be leading when it comes to new modelers and sizes.

We are specialists in water pipes and water pipe tobacco from the corners of the world. We also sell e-cigarettes and all accessories. We are located in the nicest neighborhood in Copenhagen, namely in Nørrebrogade, which has got a brand new image. The whole area has become urban and today offers a fantastic cozy and atmospheric environment, with lots of life.
With a few minutes walk from Nørrebro Station, you can come down and visit us in Caesar-Shisha - right by the Red Square