Caesar Shisha

Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel Bowl - Brown

149 kr
Waterpipe heads come and go. Some have a real impact in your life and it breaks your heart when they crush. Some heads give you the perfect smoke session and you can't imagine your life without them; But there is always the fear of losing them. You don't need that kind of stress in your life. Therefore, Starbuzz has made a top of the silicone head line, Phunnel Bowl.

In the terrible moments when you lose the dish, your natural inclination may be fearing for your bowl life, but this dish will not be broken. Maybe never. The phunnel head is not only strong and durable enough to withstand a fall, it also does not melts you by time.

Using the Phunnel Head:
You can inuse this Starbuzz Silicon Phunnel Head like most other Phunnel heads. Use 15g-20g water pipe tobacco, depending on the type of tobacco you use and how much you want to pack. You can use either regular foil or a Kaloud Lotus on this dish.

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