Caesar Shisha

Quasar Raas X Social Smoke

599 kr

Product Information "Quasar Raas X Social Smoke (Limited Edition)"

Quasar, manufacturer of innovative waterpipe products, has set up a special edition of Raas in collaboration with Social Smoke, the largest American tobacco producer, to offer its customers the ultimate watercare experience.

Raas in Social Smoke Edition combines many years of experience from Quasar and Social Smoke in this unmistakable design.

Patented technology offers an intense and controlled session:
- The new airflow control enables self-regulating heating.
- The double-walled heating system prevents the ash from falling into the fireplace and affects the taste.

The drill silicate dish is quick to cook and the intensity may vary depending on the dosage (between 15 and 20 grams).
The flexible connection fits all water pipes.
Silicone rings make it easier to handle.

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