Caesar Shisha

Royal Alchemist Package Deal

1.499 kr

The latest waterpipe has come to our stock!

The initiated waterpaper has something for everyone with its sleek design as well as it is the ability to stand out among the other waterpaper, on the market.

They have here delivered a very smooth design that can be height adjusted as needed.

Not enough with you can get a Starbuzz Premium base with top of the purchase. Starbuzz is known for their high quality goods that are low to the smallest detail.

With this package offer follows:
  • 1 x Initiate Waterpaper Steem

  • 1 x heat regulator

  • 1 x Starbuzz Premiu vase

  • 1 x Golden Robe Phunnel head

  • 1 x Starbuzz Unicus 3.0 snake

  • 1 x Caesar 01 Culture 600W

  • 1 x cult

  • 1 x 1kg Black Coco

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