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Starbuzz Wireless Hookah Head 2.0 - White

849 kr
Starbuzz E-Head version 2.0 is made of a solid zinc alloy, resulting in a smooth and weighted metal finish.

The development of technology in the Vape industry has created amazing new features for these electronic devices, allowing for sessions that can quickly mimic a water pipe session. An important feature to look for when it comes to an electronic water pipe head is a variable voltage, and this allows you to select the temperature of your session.

Luminous from the top of the water pipe head, also contain an inhaler count showing you how many characters you have had with your session. This will also be a good reminder of when it is time to add more e-juice to the bowl.

Through test session with this e-bowl it became aware that smoke never came through so warm or overly concentrated in the e-juice aroma. The reason behind this smooth smoking experience comes from the multiple exhaust hamts that can be found in the inside column of the bowl. Each inhalation was followed by a small cleaning of smoke from the exhaust, and this is a function that happens automatically to prevent a bowl from getting hard. The smooth and comfortable inhalation with each session is unsurpassed by any e-bowl in the market, and it is simply a new vaping experience.

This e-waterpipe roof does not work on cartridges and it requires no fire or coal. Before you start your session, always remember to charge the bowl with the supplied charger, and you can see your battery level with a quick heater on the screen.

  • Wireless Hookah E Head 2.0
  • Control panel
  • Atomizer
  • Charger

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