Tom Cocochaca Silver 27mm

45 kr

Tom Cococha Silver is premium quality coco coal. Like Tom Cocochag Gold, it is among the most refined coal. Its high carbon level makes it a strong coal that offers a high heat temperature.

Tom Cococha silver cold is cut in a way that is specifically designed to fit with heat regulator systems. Each empty silver is cut into 3 triangles to fill your heat regulator.

Tom Cococha B briquettes are made of coconut shells. The briquettes are produced in accordance with the high quality regulations in Indonesia. During the process, we put extra focus on meeting international sustainability standards.

With more than 30 years of experience, Tom Cococha has become the most popular brand in the world in coconut briquettes. Tom Cococha is striving to meet its customers' needs and therefore wants and develops constantly new products.

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