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Save 202,00 krStarBuzz Mini American - Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
StarBuzz Mini American - Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.149,00 DKK Regular price1.351,00 DKK
Save 305,00 krHeavenSent Cube Box Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Heavensent Cube Box Package Deal Sale price1.300,00 DKK Regular price1.605,00 DKK
Save 365,00 krWD Hookah V-Serie Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
WD Hookah G Series Package Deal Sale priceFrom 1.400,00 DKK Regular price1.765,00 DKK
Save 402,00 krCAESAR SHISHA BONNA S2 - Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
CAESAR SHISHA BONNA S2 - Pakketilbud Sale price1.449,00 DKK Regular price1.851,00 DKK
Save 451,00 krCAESAR SHISHA Augusta S1 - Pakketilbud
CAESAR SHISHA Augusta S1 - Pakketilbud Sale price1.450,00 DKK Regular price1.901,00 DKK
Save 302,00 krCAESAR SHISHA COLONIA S3 - Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
CAESAR SHISHA COLONIA S3 - Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.200,00 DKK Regular price1.551,00 DKK
Save 351,00 krCAESAR SHISHA NOVAESIUM S5 - Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
CAESAR SHISHA NOVAESIUM S5 - Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.350,00 DKK Regular price1.701,00 DKK
Save 352,00 krCAESAR SHISHA C.REGINA S4 - Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
CAESAR SHISHA C.REGINA S4 - Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.400,00 DKK Regular price1.801,00 DKK
Save 296,00 krOctopuz Nautiluz Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Octopuz Nautiluz Candy Package Deal Sale priceFrom 1.450,00 DKK Regular price1.746,00 DKK
Octopuz Nemo Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Octopuz Nemo Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.249,00 DKK
Caesar 410 Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Caesar 410 Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.199,00 DKK
Save 190,00 krWD Hookah G Series Package Deal
WD Hookah G Series Package Deal Sale priceFrom 999,00 DKK Regular price1.289,00 DKK
Save 905,00 krStarbuzz Carbine White Out - Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Starbuzz Carbine Blue Ice - Package Deal Sale priceFrom 2.050,00 DKK Regular price3.005,00 DKK
Save 311,00 krAladin 2GO Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Aladin 2GO Pakketilbud Sale price899,00 DKK Regular price1.210,00 DKK
Save 226,00 krHeavenSent Glamour Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Heavensent Glamor Package Deal Sale priceFrom 1.000,00 DKK Regular price1.226,00 DKK
Sold outMG CHAMELEON Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
MG CHAMELEON Pakketilbud Sale priceFrom 1.199,00 DKK
Rengøringspakke - Caesar Shisha
Cleaning package Sale price149,00 DKK
Sold outSave 356,00 krStarbuzz Unicus 3.0 Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Starbuzz Unicus 3.0 Package Deal Sale price999,00 DKK Regular price1.355,00 DKK
Sold outSave 128,00 krCaesar Terminator 500 Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Caesar Terminator 500 Package Deal Sale priceFrom 949,00 DKK Regular price1.127,00 DKK
Save 251,00 krOduman N2 Travel Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Oduman N2 Travel Package Offer Sale priceFrom 900,00 DKK Regular price1.151,00 DKK
Save 547,00 krOverDozz Dropper Green Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Overdozz drops Green Package Deal Sale priceFrom 1.250,00 DKK Regular price1.797,00 DKK
Save 191,00 krOduman N4 MIDI Package Deal
Oduman N4 MIDI Package Deal Sale priceFrom 999,00 DKK Regular price1.190,00 DKK
Sold outSave 447,00 krPAPA Haram Paris Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Papa Haram Paris Package Offer Sale priceFrom 899,00 DKK Regular price1.396,00 DKK
Save 113,00 krHookahFlame Gastænder Pakketilbud - Caesar Shisha
Hookahflame Gasteler Package Deal Sale price325,00 DKK Regular price438,00 DKK
Jookah Straight Flush / Komplet Pakke - Caesar Shisha

Package Deal

Besides you can put together your own water pipe kit, with everything it needs, you can let us do the work for you. Our package deal will include everything you need. From pipe, for coal for cleaning brushes.