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Heavensent LED Plate M. Bluetooth Speaker

299 kr

Product information Heavensent LED plate

Heavensent LED plate is conspicuous at each party as well as waterpibecafe and is definitely upgrading on each waterpaper!

Built-in with LED bulb, creating a beautiful and intensely piece of light. The LED plate has a mirror reflex function that reflects the light to the outside and so you have a full illuminated water spash bottom.

Special characteristics:

The highlight is, of course, the built-in Bluetooth speaker that you can connect to via your smartphone, such as play music.
A small remote control is included with which one can adjust the following:

- 16 different fixed colors
- Brightness adjustable
- Various adjustablecolor changes

LED The plate is powered by three (AA) batteries, a power supply for battery solution is also included, as also the supplied battery can be charged.

Of course it has an on / off button and measures around 21cm

LED plaed must possibly be activated before use. Just take a sharp object in the AUX opening and press the button, then turn it on.

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