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Oduman N2 Travel

549 kr 599 kr

Oduman N2 Travel is the perfect two-go waterpaper. Extremely unique it is with the look and the famous model, the Oduman N2 water pipe is designed down to the smallest detail. This Oduman N2 Travel contains system stamp with built-in diffuser and screwed silicone hose.

With its small inner dimensions, Oduman N2 Reviews N2 Travel to use self-intensive coal (which did not allow to function comfortably large version), which is characterized by a waterpaper that is easy to wear.

Oduman has wisely adapted the deisgnet of the vase of this N2 Travel, so the stability of the model is completely secured. This charming model provides a truly breathtaking quality.

Height: approx. 20cm


NOTE: Main not included with this waterpipe, this must be purchased separately

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