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How do you get a tasty taste and a good smoke? This is the question that all waterpipe smokers in the world make themselves!

Recent innovations in the Waterpriberants world have given an answer with the look of a device that is becoming increasingly important: namely heat regulation systems.

Pulse HMS is one of these new generation heat regulation systems. The name "HMS" is the abbreviation for "Heat Management System" (Words for Word "Heat Management System"). The principle of HMS Pulse is to heat your tobacco indirectly.

HMS Pulse consists of two parts, a container for natural coal and a removable cover to keep the heat inside the system. As the dimensions of HMS Pulse are large, you can easily place three coal in standard size 25x25mm
Instead of directly heating your tobacco with the heat from coal (as when using aluminum foil), the natural coal HMS pulse heats.

The latter transfers heat to tobacco in a sustainable way, retains the taste of the taste and provides ample smoke over a long period. By closing the hem on HMS Pulse, you increase the heat transferred to your tobacco, and by opening or removing the cap, you reduce the heating.

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