Caesar Shisha

Saphire Squeeze No. 9 - Black / Pink

139 kr

This squeeze no.9 from the house Saphire, is made exclusively for Hookahsqueeze Cream for your own design

Offer through its inspired by the legendary sapphires No.5 design proper drafts and impressed by its unusual design. With the wide edge, where the coal can be easily pushed to reduce the heat, it is suitable for all types of natural coal. The heat can be adjusted as needed.

Safir Squeeze No.9 Fits all regular wider gaskets and can also smoke with many heat handling systems.

Our clamp no. 9 is made of high quality, stable clay in German masterwork site!
Due to the manufacturing process, color and texture can deviate. Each main design is unique!

Technical data:

Total height: approx. 8.5 cm
Diameter head surface: approx. 8.5 cm
Diameter tobacco / clamp depot (top edge): approx. 6cm
The width of the edge for depositing coal: approx. 1.5 cm
Deep Tobacco / Clamp Depot: Approx. 2cm
Diameter increase in the middle: approx. 2 cm

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